When individuals are first introduced to the appeal of decorative concrete floor covering, they are at first "floored" by its good appearances (sorry, the pun was also tempting to skip). Nonetheless, as soon as that love-at-first-sight reaction fades, it's usually adhered to by suspicion about the usefulness of concrete flooring, particularly in a house setting. Numerous home owners will ask: Beyond its aesthetic qualities, is concrete actually a floor covering product I can cope with for the long term?

To help you determine, below are solutions to common inquiries regarding concrete flooring advantages, appearance, performance, and upkeep.

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What is concrete flooring?
In its simplest form, it's merely the concrete slab underneath your carpeting, ceramic tile, wood, or various other flooring. Revealing as well as ending up that surface with discolorations, brightening, epoxy, or various other ornamental finish is what makes it a floor covering option appropriate for revealing off.

Are concrete floorings cold and also damp?
Concrete can be chilly, however say goodbye to so than ceramic tile or all-natural stone flooring. And also, it's feasible to warm up concrete floors by installing radiant heat aspects in them or deliberately your home to make the most of the quantity of sunshine coming through home windows in wintertime, allowing concrete floorings to take in and also radiate the warm.

Concrete floors won't come to be wet unless they aren't shielded appropriately or the piece is improved a badly drained pipes subgrade. Today's building regulations usually call for installment of a vapor obstacle under concrete pieces to obstruct moisture movement. (see Picking a Vapor Barrier).

Are concrete floorings hard on the feet?
Concrete is difficult and won't cushion or "provide" under bare feet. However concrete's hardness is additionally what adds to its sturdiness as well as abrasion resistance. You can help cushion it with location carpets, which are easier to tidy than wall-to-wall rug. While concrete might be hard, it's not abrasive to the feet, specifically if it's brightened or has a smooth coating.

Are Concrete Floors Cold?
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Are Concrete Floors Hard?
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Are concrete floors slippery?
Similar to other difficult flooring surfaces such as laminate, marble or ceramic floor tile floorings, concrete floors can come to be unsafe when wet. Using a high-gloss sealant may additionally lower grip rather, yet that's easily fixed by mixing a non-slip additive right into the tarnish or sealer before application (see Making Concrete Slip Immune). When kept tidy and dry, refined concrete floors are usually no slicker than plain concrete surface areas, and also have a tendency to be much less slippery than waxed linoleum or sleek marble (see Can Refined Concrete Be Slippery?).

Do concrete floors look as well industrial?
Certainly plain, unadulterated gray concrete can be regarded as clean and sterile and "commercial." Nonetheless, reading more who has actually seen a concrete floor enriched by a brown or earth-toned discolor knows that concrete can be made to look cozy and also inviting. Actually, brownish is the most prominent shade choice for concrete floors. See for on your own: Brown Concrete Floors - A Consider Why This Concrete Flooring Color Is So Popular.

Are concrete floorings loud?
Concrete floorings can be loud and also generate an echo impact, yet say goodbye to so than ceramic floor tile, all-natural stone flooring, as well as some hardwood or bamboo floors. You can stifle the echo impact by making use of sound-absorptive materials in the area, such as rug, curtains, pillows as well as wall surface textiles.

The Length Of Time Does Concrete Floor Covering Last?
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Concrete floors are very long lasting, simply due to concrete's fundamental stamina and hardness. An appropriately mounted and sealed ornamental flooring is additionally scrape and tarnish resistant and will last for decades.

Are concrete floors vulnerable to splitting?
One of the most usual objection to concrete floors is the potential for fracturing. Nonetheless, some individuals in fact love the rustic, organic look accomplished by staining as well as leaving small arbitrary cracks subjected (see Sprucing up and also Dye Enhance Cracks in Existing Floor). If fractures are perceived as an eye sore, microtoppings can conceal them under a smooth, brand-new surface that can approve a large range of ornamental therapies, including staining, marking, and stenciling. Discover more about what you can do with attractive concrete overlays.

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Do you have to secure concrete floorings?
A properly applied sealant will not just lengthen the life of your floor, but additionally boost its appearance. Sealers additionally shield the attractive therapies from abrasions as well as stains. Find out a lot more: Concrete Flooring Sealant Info.

Is ornamental concrete floor covering upkeep complimentary?
While concrete floorings are relatively easy to maintain, compared with various other kinds of flooring surfaces, they aren't completely upkeep free. Just how much upkeep your floor will require mostly relies on the amount of traffic it obtains. The maintenance demands of a domestic floor will be much different than those for a floor in a high-traffic business or retail environment.

Most of the times, residential floors experience light foot web traffic, as well as a basic cleansing regimen of periodic sweeping and damp wiping will certainly maintain concrete floors appearing like new for years. Shielding concrete floorings with an excellent sealant as well as a layer of flooring coating or wax will make them a lot more immune to discolorations, chemicals and also abrasion. In locations of rush hour, such as entrances as well as foyers, you can decrease maintenance and wear as well as tear by utilizing floor mats, both inside and also beyond the entranceways.

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Are concrete floors pet friendly?
Few floor covering products are friendlier to animals and their proprietors than concrete. From being scratch-resistant to easy to tidy, concrete is among the most pet-friendly floor covering materials. Figure out even more regarding family pets and also concrete floorings in 6 Reasons Why Concrete Floors are Pet Dog Friendly.

When compared to high-end floor treatments, such as slate and also marble, attractive concrete is commonly a cost-effective choice. And also, knowledgeable concrete craftsmens can replicate the look of these costlier materials. The life span of a concrete flooring will certainly likewise much go beyond that of low- to mid-priced flooring, such as carpeting, plastic floor tile, as well as timber laminates. That implies that you'll conserve money in the future because you will not need to remove and change used or broken flooring. See this introduction of the average prices for mounting basic to high-end attractive concrete floors.

Will they enhance the worth of my house?
The toughness, reduced maintenance needs, as well as longer life-span of concrete versus other flooring products also contributes to its supreme value. If you're intending on marketing your house, there is no chance to predict what future customers will desire for floor covering. Concrete floors can be left as is or easily covered with rug, tile, wood or laminate flooring-with no included expenditure of eliminating the existing flooring.


Look to Your Surroundings
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There are many alternatives for ornamental concrete flooring, consisting of spots, dyes, polishing, patterns, saw cuts, and epoxy or metal finishes. There actually aren't any kind of limits to the layout opportunities.

For layout concepts, see Concrete Inside Flooring Design Ideas.

Can you repaint concrete floorings?
Standard paints aren't designed for long-lasting usage on concrete surface areas and may chip, peel, or bubble. Concrete discolorations and dyes are taken in right into the surface area or react chemically with the concrete to give durable shade.

Where can I have concrete floors in my home?
Restroom flooring
Cooking area flooring
Garage flooring
Living space floor
Bedroom flooring
Utility room flooring
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Can you do concrete floorings upstairs?
Yes, concrete floors can be set up upstairs if your support beam of lights as well as birthing wall surfaces will certainly support the weightmdash; an expert engineer can determine this for you. If the location is big, you might need some reinforcement.

Do It Yourself: Can I change my floorings myself?
Although there might be tutorials offered on several attractive concrete flooring applications, such as exactly how to stain or brighten floors, a lot of these projects are best entrusted to the pros. For example, discolorations are irreversible so errors are permanent also, surface preparation and ending up of overlays need to be done carefully completely results, as well as if brightening equipment isn't utilized appropriately it can leave irreversible marks in your floor covering. For more, see Using Concrete Stain: Is it a Do It Yourself Job?. Obtain much more information on your floor covering project from a neighborhood specialist near you.

Can I pour concrete over a timber flooring?
There are overlays or microtoppings that can be applied over timber, ceramic tile, and even vinyl floor covering with proper surface preparation.